Burn a Petal

Don’t let it get to you, dear;
It is but only fear;
Let the past swim by you fair
These memories gone to taste,
Soon shall fade into the dark. Read More


I am a ghost, I’m no longer living,
I see the suffering, and the lives,
I see the world as the chasm,
I hear the cries from distant minds,
I see the ghosts that attempt the change,
I linger in the dark in search of life,
I wander through the light as a being;
No one will notice. No one will stop.
No one will talk. No one will listen.
I am the spectre of living stars and blights,
I am the moon, the sun, the Earth, the dark,
I am neither God, nor the Stars, nor Jupiter, Read More

2D World

Rabbits sing through the lakes,
The signs are clear but none awake,
There’s a girl who’s still slamming,
My heart is wooden to that she damns,
Lock me in a room with god to judge,
But only I can stoop to nudge,
She wants roses to eat, thorns to scar,
She wants a knife to bleed, one too far,
Through a maze of veins ere they close,
She’ll mix a cup in time for daily dose, Read More


I gain an aspect of humanity and drop it into the ocean. Once the seas are formed, then the land will appear. Once the land appears, so shall the truth begin. Whence known it shall find its place in the heart of history; who knew that breath that once took pace. At last they walk and then knew not their fate. At once they fought and breathed not good faith. I shall crush them in the tears of mine disgraced that conjure wild and storm them through. My word as good as fauna; my hand little but soft too gained. For’t were banished souls and cry the signs of light deepen the songs of woe – a distant cry heard in the softest blue as marble shine, this merry dark, this rock of beast in the widest black. Read More


But Maker not so humble,
With which shall fall to crumble,
And be ought to start with flesh,
His sand that forms the mesh,

Casts him away distant and free,
Breathes life anew ere long he flee,
Hears his name for first ere forget,
Lasts while but changed lest in regret,

Whence learns to walk, learns to talk,
Hence yearns to bond, bears to sulk,
This life a spiked drink to drink
Where but ne walks towards brink, Read More

Outlaws of Love

Since the day finally closed at last,
Was only the hour that will go for days,
Of an endless darkening sky eclipsing,
We’re shades of the light, away from all;
The darkness our only body for living,
As sole right of mine there remains we,
Somewhere we fell the lines of search,
At some point it ripples our walks fine,
That bows before the curtain of night,
Our hearts that slowly succumb slow,
As dark that we laugh our hate away, Read More

Wandering tale

Erewhile, all fade to grey,
Meanwhile, I fade away,
At once the silence bade,
Sat upon once to wade,
Follows a journey long,
I will do mine a bong,
Sounds the bell silent tolled,
My heart in angst once pulled, Read More