But the poison speak,
Is ill fought never leak,
Alas is drop as little known,
But spirits dined to moan,
The loss of echo, the ripples;
The ripples fade, my life tipples,
At last there was no drink,
At last, their mind moved to brink,
Writes the lessons that learned,
Who could have to better earned,
For the sound an hour is awake,
Is but little sound too hard to make,
For the loudness cries a glass to break,
More words he said his heart was fake,
I am sat by the silence and the thought,
To read the same words I steadily fought,
Then soon forgot the man I used to be,
Then chose to be the man I want to be,
Through the former I am no saint better,
Though latter I hope then to be better,
In the roads I walk and much I tried,
Is how perverse be the truth all I lied,
At every tick of silent clock to prize,
Are the stars beheld to fall, to rise;
That I am still as known the past yet,
Can only wash away with rain so wet,
Who knew himself then and will walk,
Sits down with ye and begins to talk.

Second Thought

Under the streets was the sky above,
A bitter taste left no air abound,
Known was he who threw all disarray,
Flaneur is he how idle a shadow kept,
Breathed the creases a still night,
This wind brought round and round,
It was a thought and he was night,
Under the lake he’ll swim to dive,
Alas he knows not to swim but shall,
It wasn’t his will but hence partake;
For, to do is not to be born to be,
Legs clapsed in stems no thorn brew, Read More


Before stars could write,
No light was ever born,
And when the stars wrote,
They kept themselves away,
And where the stars keep,
So long are those to dwell,
But once the stars are whole,
There’s little to be said;
Hence whole, they united,
Who touches the darkest sky,
Who bleeds for stars so still,
How bright and still remain,
At last to fall, last to fall,
A war be waged in them disperse,
A war they fought within,
And when the stars spoke silent,
Then only thunder ere flame brewed,
In many a shape and form,
Their song is many of the same,
A story from thus risen to fall,
And when the stars befell here,
This sun could but they to hide,
Hind the cloak of light they lay,
To give stars reason in knowing,
Their last was only their first,
Thus when the stars were past,
Their essence becomes the future,
At present, I can only wonder.

2D World

Rabbits sing through the lakes,
The signs are clear but none awake,
There’s a girl who’s still slamming,
My heart is wooden to that she damns,
Lock me in a room with god to judge,
But only I can stoop to nudge,
She wants roses to eat, thorns to scar,
She wants a knife to bleed, one too far,
Through a maze of veins ere they close,
She’ll mix a cup in time for daily dose, Read More

Simple Smile

A day would pass then would never smile,
Was it then her heart did beat too fast,
Then knew the sanctum in which she stood,
The pillar how gay was once she knew,
As though the clouds brought her thus to fall,
In sync with all is but none too small,
Reader, no angel she was but better folk,
She’ll give her arms in chains for bitter foe,
Grieves in hearth is she in respite but woe,
A lasting sigh succumb to fickle hopes she throw,
At once she stops her fight to endless treat, Read More


It was simple what walks it may,
Entail none wait, as heart so fair,
But I am known to fear little,
Though tender tears mine eyes how red,
Is subtle drop that flows to sea,
That ye call gods cry less too few,
Such is their weep we call the sea,
I’d rather daring splendour boast,
Ere risks be shook, her hearth be took,
The brought that bought to what life got,
Wanton of things what price to pay, Read More

Her name’s a captain

There she walks but still she lay,
Subtle thought, small move what may,
Then thought it was just mere a dream,
Hence seen herself the boards these seem,
No wood, not even in morn, can it blow,
Whatever right you have, it is well low,
At last she conquers not her enemies, but all,
May it seem fair to say that she walks on all,
As she walks through the ship so she knows,
‘Las there’s a single cabin not she throws,
Within it is lay the captain’s bed and stead,
Soon she realised, then she knew, then she led,
At last was land fought and seas crushed anew,
But no better was her heart that rushed so new,
And then the waters rebound into fires unknown,
Once she awoke, hence she knew her life in fate renown.