Watching the Lambs

A cool summer’s eve drew sun in evening glory. At a distant fold knew better light where breeze and sound combined would mute the nature between them. Within that nature, with sounds of walking footsteps through trail of wood and mud, there was I and a friend going through it all. Recounting the steps to this unknown part I could not call home nor haven. It was but a guest in nature’s woods. Watching through the glistening water from premature rain to cover the leaves with tears that drooping their eaves cast light into our eyes. These shady leaves in number grew had only our shadow they knew; more they found our steps to folly they surround us. Where one of us would attempt a log to pass through, another would walk around. I was the former. Read More

Distance known

We’re miles away from a distant shore,
However separate but soon far apart,
It follows me: the wind ere its change,
We’re coming back into land,
The sight of reach and thus it stares,
A life that fate guides is more this sound,
Aligned by stars I sight the moon,
This life that I give myself reprieve,
She’s coming back from the woods into eaves,
The breeze she sees and is not so violent,
She sees me again and the trees astound,
The woods are singing her valiant return,
When she returns I’ll bestow another gift, Read More

Adieu, Nature.

A warm sun had decided to set itself,
Once I found myself in its gaze
Eluded to a fine sight hither away,
The old world that once I spoke grew,
Thus in its mystery a tempting fight
Drew my senses to an unearthly collapse;
Whose brood in the light of Nature binds
The soils to an ever fold creasing made, Read More

Virtue regained

Given myself to hers in Virtue ye sake,
Dared pass through the old wood once deigned,
His greetings sink but only his virtues fake,
As daring for the way in reproach he laid,
Branded my soul with an ever tighter mark
That grieves even the tree forbidden its bark, Read More

Once the light were

I once followed an owl hither towards the woods,
But once I starred inward towards the darkness stood,
Thus found myself sat with Her in the yoke aghast,
For none the silence greeted his dainty departure fast,
Hither took the hand of his utter friend but once known,
Creases the manifolds from which lingers never hone. Read More