To not

Weeping could be heard through even echoes,
Silent as they are, but like laying leaves
Stray trampled on soiled road to spoil.
So breathed in hearse the hourly bells,
Then could not fathom the silence was,
If Armide would cast a spell, this be curse;
Whom would know then, realising thus -
A young one would then shake and freeze:
Nor do I have the heart to continue here,
Nor was the love the one I wanted near,
But he told me the night before he'd forgive,
Yet I have but no heart ought to give,
That with whitish bloom my flowers spoiled,
And bitter tears my silver casts to foil,
Then when I am silverless my feet are spared,
Even the faintest light is more I fared,
Standing at the aisle, friends and family await;
How handsome his smile, if only so late,
But no; I cannot do this. I do not want him,
My heart bleeds; my thoughts on a whim
Have hastened me from here for taxi gone,
Nor would a bestie tell him I am done,
Hearsay holds even she was tearing apart,
But what of me? All we have said to dart,
And all that I have done to kiss the part,
I shall not tempt growth in you as hart,
So sad I heard you shout each tearing yell
Now echoing through each leaf you fell.
But my dear, I make clear incident,
Of all that is be accident,
Now name your price,
So never throw the dice.


Though I do not know who you are,
I feel a time where once I knew,
So sweet and subtle a feeling gay,
In midst of fog and dark did blur lights,
Who knew not this man to enter a gaze,
So kind at first, but cold at last,
Though few doses was enough, it wasn’t:
Like a drug mixed with the driest wine,
Who knew not what it was, what he drank?
Only a bitter taste with sweet after tones,
But knew not an effect so subtle thereafter,
First it was so sweet, then rich came poor;
This man once I knew how repressed,
And whose beast inside of me then encaged,
One kiss then slips another, too few, too much,
Oh, fog of hallucinating joy, kiss mine eyes adieu:
Why did you present with me such toxic waste to spell
His name then forsake me at crossroads to guide me here;
Did I ask Love to kiss my lips then soil my heart anew?
No, it needn’t must so; all love for him I now repress,
Whilst he alone continues his pillaging of others,
So to speak; but not for mine, whence now I leave,
But alas, my horny state I cannot forgive,
It was I who so ignorant of my being a storm is swept,
Then years later I’m reminded and so you approach.
No, I do not remember you; but I feel whom I used to know:
Leave, and so never return. Leave, and so never return!

Roads Unturning

Of street lamps no finite end lay,
I counted each whilst I drove away,
Each flash became a second to rest
Whilst memory becomes my saint to bless.
The hours long done send me to night
From here to new life within the light,
So that the road behind me dims to dark.
‘Cause the sound of wheels mute my mind,
Your voice once I knew I leave behind,
An echo through my spine shakes my hand,
Focusing not, I could never understand
Why you’d bother trying to call me here,
For I’m free to choose without you not near.
And that I am dying to say these final words,
My heart compresses; I can never look backwards,
Every vein of blood shrinks no eyes can tell,
All the past becomes a single marble I fell
For darkness acclaim no hand can never reach.
So when I take the call, I am hence to teach.


Like the shade,
Along the bay,
Too cold to bleed,
Too long to read,
Now he’s gone,
Now she’s done,
Now he’s back,
Now she’s alive.

By blood and poison

And then I’ll return from when I hence,
Leave me behind I’m only shadow past,
Slower I breathe your name how shallow,
A single kiss to break my loving fast,
A darker emblem that binds me apart,
Hide me under the Earth nor to speak,
Weeping is me in feet of neither feats,
Gather the thorns their poison’s peak;
Wrap thy neck round the cold wreathes,
Return me from me into you and see,

Crossroads of love

I part from thee.
My heart knows better, but neither mine;
And consumes me this drowns my heart in thee,
Tells me of all that past, and passes of thine,
Holds my hand as walking past ye gazing at me,
Sounds my heart what endurance wrought,
Feels my pain and this token of modesty faint,
Lively and my life decays my heart ye brought,
Downs all sorrows into the abyss thy presence taint,

Just way

Because his ghost resides within me,
In whom my heart beats more the heart waned,
For it were my flesh that shall make the flesh,
For it were thy blood that shall cure the blood,
As mine so boiled had utterly dissolved hence,
Greeted again this solemnly mane thus shook,
Silence beckons me again into a bending sphere,
Where all nights are tranquil as the light was,
Where I shall step outward and look there towards.