By blood and poison

And then I’ll return from when I hence,
Leave me behind I’m only shadow past,
Slower I breathe your name how shallow,
A single kiss to break my loving fast,
A darker emblem that binds me apart,
Hide me under the Earth nor to speak,
Weeping is me in feet of neither feats,
Gather the thorns their poison’s peak;
Wrap thy neck round the cold wreathes,
Return me from me into you and see,

Divine recall

Oh, God.
She calls God,
Oh, God!
She calls Him, so nearer from darkness comes,
But only God for mine, oh!
He encircles.
I can be very fond, but also the ice that breaks,
But melts, because she can only withstand it,
I am only lost in the darkness, where is he?
He is here.

Just way

Because his ghost resides within me,
In whom my heart beats more the heart waned,
For it were my flesh that shall make the flesh,
For it were thy blood that shall cure the blood,
As mine so boiled had utterly dissolved hence,
Greeted again this solemnly mane thus shook,
Silence beckons me again into a bending sphere,
Where all nights are tranquil as the light was,
Where I shall step outward and look there towards.

As my heart

As my heart lay adrift in the yolk of sanity far astound,
Made peace within my solemn restitute for mine resound,
Felt the charred leaves that of my flesh did once compare,
Alas, through the path does lament the reaves upon which fell,
Sighs of my loss and slowly approaches me as laid in my own,
Writes to ye what loss incurred that no number ere ascribe,
Sought that for I destroyed only this speck of Life e’r describe,
Slowly vanishes as my flesh only tears;
Swiftly decays as time allows: