Beneath the Light

City, no distant land, no bitter waste,
Who knew from soil come road and concrete,
The sketch of a flaw ere attempted grace,
The searching souls in grace their flaws,
Who would look right nor left nor away,
To observe all and fluster in loss, loss;
But here we are, in this hour, in this space,
Half his life was complete,
Half his life shall rise again. Read More

The Universe and He

Nor did he not sing from whence he were.
Nor did he climb so high to fall so well.
Nor did he walk through hills and cried.
Nor did he sign his heart to greater foe.
Nor did he look towards the Sun in awe.
Nor did he breathe the evening air so smooth.
Nor did he take himself to still and utter light.
Nor did he not pain himself to greater pleasure.
Nor did he write his purpose etched on heart.
Nor did he seal his bonds to the stars at night.
Nor did he say never shall he try again.

etc.. Read More


Imagine a train that never stopped,
No signs nearby to tell you where,
The passing of the world was norm,
The hours of long gone dissolved,
All the world in chains soon part,
A nether sight could not be found,
As though spun in inertia as one,
Clasped in the hands orbit of woe,
Nor music, reading and talk dawned,
In the midst of the process of time,
I found myself watching the world by.

Who would fall to water to rise from hence?
And then to feel the cool windows floating,
Then saw the agony of wind come heart divine,
Long last can speed never be slow to tell,
A speech so faint whose mortality dares align,
When stops the breath one small cool fate,
Is what thinks you do is but lack you thought,
Is but echo through a foggy land,
And the sky turn red shall raise thy heart aloud,
And the sun but ere it fall is borne to set,
When minutes become hours, our hours are infinite.

And so it goes on,
As they all walk on.
The rails hind gone cold,
Ere the road grows bold.

Home again

Then the seas sunk down below,
Was land that past slowly brewed,
Thrown beneath the sand was water,
Cast aside was the Sun beneath,
Aside the gest is wind dancing,
In black of night nor heat felt,
The chill that freezes a bone,
Is but heart that gentle glows,
A land so far from him is near,
Will sail forth to all the end, Read More

Scope of Illusion

We will bury downwards to the core,
As though all reality once thought in awe,
In much brilliance had we once to please,
As such this world the joy we increase,
How long more to continue our oath and pledge?
Now comes the honest tale we utter to fetch,
That now we the disappointed soon leave,
Casts ourselves a shadow thought to heave,
To slowly we descend into the Earth, Read More

A cracked oak

A cracked oak lay in wretch at the brow,
That hill which sinks under the sun
Breathes an air that gushes forth fear,
To have looked upward and sees there
A storm, so few around but yet so mighty;
Here beckons that I walk and yet stooping,
Bowing my head and observes the rocks,
Panting but not shaking, to revisit again; Read More

Fleeting away

Neither was never the sore thumb stood,
Shattered in the ways that humbly trod,
Gained in its wary host did he shook,
But not for none but greater leave found,
Gestured towards the waves that slowly wave,
Soon besot the lasting ship that hither sway
And towards the fog thus breathes the new air; Read More