Half his life he spent wondering in shadow,
For no few than years would fail to pass,
Bitter more nor sweeter less comes to know,
And he ne not knew the terror that he was,

Until he became man, and so became him,
Ere swept glory wept ere really born,
Shaken from brow down to lidless whim
Who called on night in bittersweet scorn:

Oh, Moon. Don’t let the moon die so soon,
An hour for night in a single second,
Is but mine earnest fault in lasting boon,
Whose wrongs I am are but rights ere reckoned.


For I spent the first half my life in thought,
Ere I spend the second my life to live,
The actions I should have done twice in lieu,
Gave new reprise ere for twice more anew,
And had I not tread the path my God sent,
Nor am I here to tell your son this day,
Then I shall be shamed by Fate to doom hence,
Though no doom comes at here my bitter ways,
High grown but lowly worn this armour weighed
Nor my name in verdigris cast fire ways,
Here, and so hear thy known name called to task,
Becomes thy name to spell in utter task.

The Universe and He

Nor did he not sing from whence he were.
Nor did he climb so high to fall so well.
Nor did he walk through hills and cried.
Nor did he sign his heart to greater foe.
Nor did he look towards the Sun in awe.
Nor did he breathe the evening air so smooth.
Nor did he take himself to still and utter light.
Nor did he not pain himself to greater pleasure.
Nor did he write his purpose etched on heart.
Nor did he seal his bonds to the stars at night.
Nor did he say never shall he try again.

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Beloved Hatred

She slaps to the left, to the right,
My love here is not worth the fight,
Mine hour in public is come for new,
In my glowed eyes her eye follows
Whilst one pitied and one in scorn,
Every day of life was reborn.
Echoes from the club were music,
Mine heart fused to beat off the wick
Ere light aflame my face how spat
Brought her arms on my neck now sat
By stronger force no man to defy that,
She offered tender words my true self, Read More


Broke by the torn pond comes afar,
Withstood by the smallest leaf grown,
Signs the initials of love despair,
With weeping heart for more to flood,
A heart now fermented in tears born,
Who bore the veins that hang below,
How do we ever walk across to find?
Beneath the eyes, neath the realm:
Beheld the first glimpse of it all,
What reasons had to be born thus,
If life were mere lego as easy,
For every second becomes a single cube, Read More

Lost Girl

Oft she took to greener sake,
No less she shook heart to break,
As the ashes of love come true,
So too shall tulips glow in hue.
These lesser days drag forth grass,
No more would she smoke so crass,
Her eyes once looked for the boy,
Though now her tastes grew so cloy,
So much her heart much so swelled,

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And there in the midst of space,
Who grew no age than meets a face,
Traversing through the depths so blind,
Did crease the stars so far behind,
Those fading stars alack no more,
Whose echoes dark gleam wild so sore
Could not stop light in pass of time,
In unthought speed ne echoes prime;
Man’s dream for touch of iron sought, Read More