Hail the horizon calling you near,
See the light kneel before the hills,
Let thine eyes beam with tears descend,
Muse thy hand in sunken motion deep,
Count not the days that pass you by;
Let the days count the being you are,
Peer deep into the open road for walk;
A gut you keep is but miles you leap,
And more you leap with every dip pass,
These very first steps the path awaits,
Alight from here this road never moves, Read More

Echoes through the Night

His thoughts be trailing, no harp is sound;
His thoughts can only stir, ne not so bad,
Nor not so bad is he who walks gently away,
Who walks through night in search of meaning,
Meaning that only he can never just defy,
Who to defy but is slow to change in time,
To change in time means to rise to be better,
To be better is not to revolt in one’s mind,
Better that he walks silent and slow too still,
Too still was that which his heart would stop,
And his heart was clear, how best it may be,
And the answer’s clear, how much he ought to be,
To be seconds that once they were so fine,
So suddenly fallen into minutes a dainty glow,
How wretched it is a man to move mountains,
To move himself better falling over again,
Again he shall rise whether for what it is,
Whether it be pity or not, can never show,
For it can never show what essence is,
The essence of being part of the picture,
The picture of his paradise once he lost,
Once he lost, so shall he remake again,
Once remade, he shall be whole again.

Little feather

A field so subtle, so silent a new field,
Who wouldn’t pick and store in their room?
A little further, his heart was running,
Though could only walk so far before he stopped,
Every step was the stick that beats his drum,
A falling leg and so his soul stuck to view,
Sighs and gasps could not tear him apart,
A sound was falling into decay,
This feeling could not last so long,
Sought himself a better place than this,
How long could he stay in the place he sees?
A secret known but could never reveal, Read More

To return

And neither was it there nor felt,
Is like a step or two what it was,
The hands be shaken at this they sought,
Indeed dared to see not what they were,
Then looked away the path it took,
Saw it divided in two ere more it shook,
Then coarsed through the tracks ere they lost,
Then united in them is nature’s bornéd past,
But long its path was yonder short,
At once walked away hither n’er return,
At once walked away ere none return.

Miles from a Distant Echo

Then sought the path right or left,
Is long weeping a way before bereft,
His feet treading this pathless road,
A distant way is not darkness be showed,
Nor time is but long has been fought,
Nor silence is he that hours is wrought,
Pulls the mud with him this stricken way,
Pulls the light from vacuum where it lay,
Vapes another lest more is anger fed,
Bows before a rain what place he’s led,
And but phone is to guide him to place,
Is but done the choice he has to face, Read More

Road of Ice, Fire or Fog

So tells the tale where they depart,
A road they travel ne the clouds part,
Nor knowing where they go but where,
For past had had not made them there,
But at the glooming end disprove,
Indeed sought better life improve,
Embarks on a journey ne help,
Walks slow, stead forward but ne whelp;
In they thus believe a road ne walked,
That once performed with friends then talked,
At that place very, so silent at once,
Oh God, have I past these pronounce, Read More

All the fate

And slowly she breathes a wind,
A wind that sends her away,
The wind that breaches fate,
The fate that slowly breathes.

Thus she walks through the wind,
She’s leaving her town behind,
She’s breathing again, so slow;
She’s lingering on a thought again.

Once again she is halfway to the stars,
Once did she say she’ll never go,
Now she’s dancing with the stars,
Now she’s one with the night. Read More