In You

Begun were the days in light’s sake,
Here few are the smallest drops of rain,
Began are the days that invite you here,
Breathe again; the sight is yours reborn.

Marching through the scorching lidless fire,
A candle was but her heart’s intake as felt,
Fickle and fought were her tears to oust,
Would then but Neptune’s ally yearn to help,
Bring this our torment these waters poured,
In each descent of drop the wine was taste,
Fall through the creases here, here, here,
A heart to vibrate the glass you call fear,
In each sound your steps be the life of tremor.

Let the wind blow who knows more,
Right and left, forward and back, slip and through,
Cast thyself into the fire whose heart is burned,
A soul is lingering to glow but how knew not,
Ere beau is sung the scars we never see,
Though how simple beings we with complex minds,
How tired we are in a day’s struggle against us,
To come back and dread the morrow’s own dread,
But for the gates of life are truly inviting,
To lose is but an option only for the few,
And to lose is but to kneel ere fate’s resign,
Though that was never truly in your heart’s design,
So shall see walk back into the dark her lantern high,
The dark heart is but the blood we never find,
Sound is but you who can find within and move,
Words brought are but similes to become you.

March on, neither empty nor full a stomach to delay,
Head up, for every fall is an equal and bigger rise,
Whisper your name and see who you behold how true,
In years, then the years shall find you more to rouse,
To display the splendour you muster for hope and you.


A little while and slowly parts away,
But for brave deeds known ere the pleasant call,
Is home for not but gained in mustered wake,
Within whom looks round and sees hearth truly him,
The figure in dark was but sure at bay,
Although how mute one can be in hope’s face,
Before long they kiss the lips however dark,
For sure as he you shall find your way,
Treading each step as though the first was not,
Then look back and see how far you travelled,
Then hear the echoes of dreams as they come.

Her Voice

If only hers would be reflection lost,
No mirror would present her face beheld,
In the chance of shame one would crawl,
And the tears held back can only flood,
In the flood was but her mind merely drowned,
Her voice may be broken but never silenced,
For her voice regained shall gravity fool,
Then her feet shall ripple the Earth in wait,
Light however amenable is touched by fear,
How hellish an angel is for clippéd wings,
Though through never is but flight regained,
Who shall suffer not in corner and quiet
Then recovers her feet in higher ground, Read More

Their Remembrance

Every night tears would fill her womb,
Her shaking will draw him more to break,
At last was one night so still to miss:
My dear, in this lasting hour my yonder breath,
New thoughts and pleasant sights is little nigh,
Hence better actions and deeds come tide,
These final hours I give lasting words yet reprieve,
Though I action myself in months before to here,
I am but not finished my actions come for here,
Have it time: God declares this night of birth,
Ere the sun rises shall be birth ye humble year,
May pass how slow and fast encumber fates,
Sour now drown is foul so down her heart as late,
No sparks can free her eyes to better year ahead,
Though I cannot afford a glass between you and I, Read More

September 30th

He could never have known you to be hell,
Never dated, but only friends that knew so well,
But more was your feeling from which mere sense
At last agreed your call to there we hence,
Another day would describe, but more was strife,
The sacrifices he made are the ones for life,
This angst he bears n’erased by not a joint,
I’ll pour tears and sweat to make a point,
These words you summon can only hurt you too,
No insults and anger can move me more than you,
I have only tears and my soul drained to fight,
Having begged for there to come by sight. Read More

From Neptune

Yesterday, I came back from Neptune,
It was an amazing feeling ere to scribe;
This sort of feeling one has but too soon,
Is but fraught not with fear one not to describe,
In ways excitement bloomed; no fear never blew,
And as I whispered Neptune, over and over again,
I saw the room around me in a familiar hue,
That colour ye know is never Neptune’s feign,
The walls would gather water and ere it falls
Descends me through the trace of land none left, Read More

Our Light of Woe

There, is light but none and he,
He, but is not the light I knew,

These dims that call me from far,
Is far from him as light never was,

Though mine heart is ill and conjured,
Though conjured is little said but mourn,

Ere morn, my morn is the evening hollow,
Is God more the light and dark too still?

Alas, of the night my light is utter spent,
Is ill before and my sight is hinder lent,

Free are the chains to chain him in time,
In time he shall enter the crossroads lone, Read More