But the darkness would not lift,
For it was the black of life that slowly falls,
Though he hears an echo how slow,
A voice so distant could never repeat its words,
How long could he heed the words?
If not by line but by meaning conveyed so well,
A spartan was he who dared to sleep,
Through day and night would he stir and err to fight,
For life thus he fights for death,
Though creases of life can fade but daren’t turn,
Though true is life’s essence to give,
Pleased to see reason and happiness in all ways,
But ere is sought for comfort but gained,
Whatever their lies and ne truth nor morals,
Shall see another fight at bay,
Who can feel the air so cold and hot to bear,
Whence it gestures for hardy action,
Tears their flesh round and heart thus it rends,

Of war and peace

When good James sat for a drink,
All he ever wanted was a drink,
So quiet and smooth was the hour,
There stood nothing but silence that hour,
It brought him still thoughts in way,
At no instant did nothing rouse in harm’s way,
But an hour is an hour, and do time’s change!
That another man by name Ronald come to change
The slow and quietness that tranquil stood,
In loud laughter and cheer the crowd stood,
The peace and quiet once it were had gone,
So long was it that James noticed not had gone,

But the waves

Relished upon the shores he saw,
Found upon himself dare to soar,
Listens yonder the language heard,
A distant call beckoning a bird,
The sound it soothes the ears,
This sound the rock ye fears,
However it bonds so little,
Slowly just the ship moves,
The waves move it. Only.
The wreck that transport afar,

All conflicts are between realists and cynics.

Neither land nor sea

As did see that daring light unto my face,
What illusion wrought my purpose unfounded dearly fare,
Frowned in me this new World ere lived now embrace,
That shining Sun that does mock my mind only curdles,
That this still and silent air as walked I from thence hither,
Motions my companions: see, what a world we have here!
Slowly arrives, and thought myself that had died and lived anew;
Tears that no water can procure; whence the Life does conjure,
Had lifted my ladder as my heart does lift me into the pearl:
That oyster mine endowed beauty in this world what not so ere described,