A man’s only Soliloquy

But it is in passing ere,
Let me set it down now;
For it was in passing here,
The song that set me down,
Then bestowed itself at will,
The trust that I am is nigh
Shall feel me again in peril,
Is not the way but none so high,
Am not lost for I am the light,
What way yond is fought nor why;
In better voice is none to fight,
Is bled but is not the blade to hire,
Whence long have I sat ere the fire,


But Maker not so humble,
With which shall fall to crumble,
And be ought to start with flesh,
His sand that forms the mesh,

Casts him away distant and free,
Breathes life anew ere long he flee,
Hears his name for first ere forget,
Lasts while but changed lest in regret,

Whence learns to walk, learns to talk,
Hence yearns to bond, bears to sulk,
This life a spiked drink to drink
Where but ne walks towards brink,

Fibonacci being

We’re walking from not far our place,
Suddenly and stopped to wall we find,
There to stare for seconds as few as us,
To part hands, we’ll depart for now;
I’ll go this way, and you the other,
We’ll draw a path that will lead us here,
We will look yonder to the path ahead,
Now I see the road that once unclear,
How soon it became clear to me to walk;
While my dearest friend, now she walks,
Slowly and begun to slowly stumble here,
Walks now, so casual; slowly, she’s there,

Noble Man – I

Nor a subject of Fate, I am decided,
So great my ways the path I travel here,
Give leave my ways for Nature abide,
Hence known, thence fought, the road lay,
Gives upon me a way for once dared desire,
A trail happy that greets a wind so divine,
Breathes again and shines thus the way again,
A fleeting wind that hither calls me there,
Slowly goads my attention to the path ahead,
From that which frees alack torn but brought,
Whose better wild shall hesitate mine own ease,
A road travelled and slowly diminish the sight
Behind and shrinks the eyes to all it bears,
That once I am far from that which I travel,

A man’s life

He enjoyed the ignorance once known, and to have known nothing gave him the happiness to be ignorant more. Make me do; effect me so. For at youngest continues to graze the seeds of his youth under a soil of fertility; water of life; and sun for the lasting heat and light that drives his heart in momentum as his ire be gazed. Sooner grasps the first tools to prove his worth, and his father now in rest continues on the road alone with friends once he ganged now leaving for separate ways away. Realising that only solitude to help him work, and ought to be but never ought for a sanctum praised than the home he dreams with the warmth to conceal his thoughts better than the head of the wildest man.


Since realising that it was possible,
I only heard the outcome to be impossible,
From what we understand all days are weeks,
The weeks are therefore seconds which pass,
Silently amassing their comfort proud passing,
Sought the recognition of the Universe thereof,
While running in circles could I not enforce,