How charming words can ill regress!
If one could bite words off pages found,
Let it be those most ill they digress!
Yet could not tear 'love' from pages bound,
Still they argue amongst themselves a flaw;
Grief is set, the stage poured glass empty,
Each step come words poignant sharp he bore,
More is glass filled by gall juiced ill-contempt,
Taste me more! the blade creases flesh fourfold,
Yet in writing these give rise to designs anew,
Ones that are nothing but rises hardly bold!
Yet 'tis love, indeed; though I cannot renew,
By sea apart, no land departs, the sounds dispel,
Each step escaped, as they'd hammer strings,
Like naive cats playing then descend to pedal,
How fast they all run! All the keys a stair brings,
So leap once, now twice, but pause a second!
My heart is breaking, my member soring;
The grueling blood mingled in fluid beckoned,
Then he turned and paused, arpeggio fraught,
Now I am silenced, now I am the silence brought,
If there be any word from ye, a week now be ought,
Whence sorrows bring, charms sped is sought,
Though linger, hither and thither, each descend,
How beautiful the feel! So sour yet sweet a drink,
What is it then, how tastes ye mere raw limes?
Whilst with salt it is indeed less bitter ye drink!
It matters not; he walked away in bitter times.

Single Cactus

So speak its name, the angel's due;
Shake a brow so tender mused at all,
How brought this ruin upon my fort,
Strong and stable, as all mottos go,
As all stone be mossed and turned,
Could never bring a stone unturned,
And that stone I am, as shalt exposed,
Each patter of rain and whiff of snow,
Ere swathe of heat, ere brux of cold,
So hence me here, as dessert's scorn!
Equip me with sharpest pins cactus tall,
I shall prick every man, wife and child,
Till no more shall wrest their thoughts,
Even when all others are past and gone,
This plant withers not, yet stands yea tall!
How now, angel, speak its name?
Shall shake ye a brow now splintered sharp?
Every hair and and every finest be drugged,
In each they prick my screams sound alarm,
Though in pleasure here, I am sobre man,
So speak sobr'ing words on whose account
That none approach but yea fair reproach,
As all lights depart, all the Moon at glare,
This single man walks, even larger departs;
And when none's so wild, this much am wild,
Who tears apart for none would see,
If beauty be scorn of past,
Let future be poison last.


Tables full, all the dishes aloft;
Here the man awaits, named Craig;
I saw him first and saw him last,
The cherished smile, enlarged eyes,
A dashing look. A big guy, no doubt;
My eyes would wander opposite,
But his would cast itself downward,
Then I would ask whilst eating here,
Why the silence from him is so nigh;
He would ask that he always had a kink,
So I took a jar from my bag and set aside,
Looked upon he saw the need within,
I tamed this butterfly for a while now,
These are the ways we go about love,
When he placed it on my forehead
Those wings I saw wide now spread wide.
When he asked what I thought of it,
I then smiled, and this time, my eyes widened.

If you pain me

Whilst I am rosed by thorns adorned
And the leaves shall spark my hate
Give me one rose that blossoms scorn
Whilst I weep in coffins as beau late
As trees can kiss my bosom by feud
Though I have no heart to begin tales
That shall sobre even the highest lewd
Sluts that cast themselves upon whales.
If you enjoy their company then, recall then
That I expect nothing more nor less given,
I shall take all I can, even simple word when
The smiles and laughter from your heaven
Brows my art consecrate my priestly defect,
Now chance my hairs of dyes: red and black,
Mine eyes of similar contours green and black,
I have no art to give, nor science to reason,
But I give my art as base and my science as high
Till evidence shall discredit me from all season
Whence my remaining school of love shall lie:
I would accept a thousand flogs my dear 
To accept even a minute of company near,
That I may give composure to sentiment here,
Till dark grows and my art grows harder, fear
Not my demon self, but it is yours nonetheless,
Whilst the night rises, so shall my push on less.

To not

Weeping could be heard through even echoes,
Silent as they are, but like laying leaves
Stray trampled on soiled road to spoil.
So breathed in hearse the hourly bells,
Then could not fathom the silence was,
If Armide would cast a spell, this be curse;
Whom would know then, realising thus -
A young one would then shake and freeze:
Nor do I have the heart to continue here,
Nor was the love the one I wanted near,
But he told me the night before he'd forgive,
Yet I have but no heart ought to give,
That with whitish bloom my flowers spoiled,
And bitter tears my silver casts to foil,
Then when I am silverless my feet are spared,
Even the faintest light is more I fared,
Standing at the aisle, friends and family await;
How handsome his smile, if only so late,
But no; I cannot do this. I do not want him,
My heart bleeds; my thoughts on a whim
Have hastened me from here for taxi gone,
Nor would a bestie tell him I am done,
Hearsay holds even she was tearing apart,
But what of me? All we have said to dart,
And all that I have done to kiss the part,
I shall not tempt growth in you as hart,
So sad I heard you shout each tearing yell
Now echoing through each leaf you fell.
But my dear, I make clear incident,
Of all that is be accident,
Now name your price,
So never throw the dice.


Pour your wine on body this faint,
Let thine erring sound cover eyes,
Mine hour yea still all too faint,
Bred on a single step kiss to lie,
Sooth ne figs nor leaves midst a hue
Whose legs, my stoned stems wilt,
Those emeralds sunk in water through,
Mixed in earth till one hole filled:
I would slide through mud so holy,
And cry a thousand tears in song
That all is silent in you wholly
Breached in the arms of woe so long.
When this sty: great love we desire,
Neither of us shall pigs remain,
Though tender sleaze is play so dire,
And whose powdered nose I never tame!
But love so vanquished, yet heart aspires!,
Is cast aside till Cupid’s dart is fired,
Once blood drops from arse to glass,
Is Cupid brought his groom is sired.

A Remembered Wait

He wanted to be discreet, so she agreed. That was the time when she could see only at a glance what his picture would be. Just for a couple of seconds. Like the waves that submerge into the sea, leaving only the ripples that echo each fainting wave as the shores invite them here. Now, it seemed the time to invite this wave onto her shores. Not even butterflies could flutter wings. Having spent well over a month or two texting each other and getting to know one another, it seemed right that one of us made that leap. He did just that, and the meeting would take place at the airport. Not even a minute, before purchasing just the plane tickets would he then ask finally if she still wanted to date.

He booked them.

Well, it has already been a few weeks; conversations fluttered here and there. Sometimes days would fall silent, and then a whole week filled with chatter. It seemed off at first, but he kept his word and the trip continued. She was there already, at the airport, waiting. The sound of crowds, of planes, and the rolling of luggage hurrying through the floor. It seemed nothing. Almost like passing sounds. Her eyes were fixed on the board, and as soon she saw that familiar plane announced its landing, so too did her heart also give land to blood coursing through her this very hour.

Children would run through the halls in excitement, not paying attention to the many more planes landing outside. Whilst parents would have endless bickering as to where to find a taxi. Not one would stop. It seemed like an endless school of fish swimming by her. Motionless was she, in all thoughts erased, no conscience even speak what feelings she might have now. Did it matter then, if it were all but a sham. Some sort of fake delight, adorned with words of comfort. Even whilst scrolling up at previous conversations from former days. It seemed like it all happened on a different world. So much so, that as soon she saw his online status updated this very moment, it all seemed in sync.

By this time she sat down by the window, just in front of her an entire fleet was adorning the view. Minutes would pass like seconds; almost as though she were swept. It took a slow case rolling through the aisle, and a slow pace of steps to reveal one anew.

“I’m here.” She paused. “You’re… Matthew?”

She was sat beside him for a good quatre-hour. They seemed like silent nightingales, fidgeting about but not knowing how to chirp. It seemed like an hour. “I didn’t realise you were this discreet.” He would pick at the tips of his fingers, one could hear the sounds easily in a now subtly silent salon. “No one is supposed to know that I’m here.” A pause crafted between them seemed like nothing can break now. “It’s because I thought you would be different. I don’t know how to explain.” It was probably just jet lag, she added. Now she didn’t know what else can be done now. Noticing his gaze, whilst she looked onward, noticing the reflection of the board, her heart raced for more.

“Do you still want to date?”


Though I do not know who you are,
I feel a time where once I knew,
So sweet and subtle a feeling gay,
In midst of fog and dark did blur lights,
Who knew not this man to enter a gaze,
So kind at first, but cold at last,
Though few doses was enough, it wasn’t:
Like a drug mixed with the driest wine,
Who knew not what it was, what he drank?
Only a bitter taste with sweet after tones,
But knew not an effect so subtle thereafter,
First it was so sweet, then rich came poor;
This man once I knew how repressed,
And whose beast inside of me then encaged,
One kiss then slips another, too few, too much,
Oh, fog of hallucinating joy, kiss mine eyes adieu:
Why did you present with me such toxic waste to spell
His name then forsake me at crossroads to guide me here;
Did I ask Love to kiss my lips then soil my heart anew?
No, it needn’t must so; all love for him I now repress,
Whilst he alone continues his pillaging of others,
So to speak; but not for mine, whence now I leave,
But alas, my horny state I cannot forgive,
It was I who so ignorant of my being a storm is swept,
Then years later I’m reminded and so you approach.
No, I do not remember you; but I feel whom I used to know:
Leave, and so never return. Leave, and so never return!


A horse rides in the midst of mind and sand,
Ne gaze neath the hooves from whose rider brew,
A sudden madness, and the drops of rain short.
Give commas and colons an argument present,
A lady in waiting strangled by fate is fought,
Ye give reasons he should not pass you by,
Ne friend, ne breathing not, ne thinking nor
Shall he picture a woman hoisted at sea,
Nor from the east, nor of the west at bay,
From afar he watches tears of grace befallen,
A storm in heart breathes ripples yet slow,
Yet breathing in the water is a lidless word,
And a cracked Earth whose ground it shakes,
I’m breathing water and drinking a harsh cold,
Give me all figs that God had so me concealed,
Let these waves of words wash upon your figure,
Crash that dress in white till salty urchins reap,
Whose Madonna I perverse a niche figure retain,
Do your eyes not give leave your gaze upon a sky
So rich in spoils of hope and colour you lay waste?

I’m done

Ere no word of mention: I’m done,
All the words I said are all but gone,
And he said that I was all in awe,
I’m done. It was all for much this sore,
For heaven blind me this creased man,
So sing me tears from molten glass, an
Insight of this love once I foretold,
The months and years have my heart in fold,
So do what you must, and so leave me,
So give me nought, and now I am to be,
Is this it? Am I half the man I swore?
To disembark myself from skin I wore,
Now kill me here and all I am to sing,
So hearken my call; this love a fling,
‘Tis all but marred in mute task alight,
And won’t give life wanted without fight,
A shadow of angels now curses my own god,
And this god is the man of the inner dog.
Now I am whole again, I shall be better,
But when I see you again, I’ll think better,
Enough. All dreams I had with you. Enough.
It’s over now, and I have said how tough;
So muse me with silence, and all shall fade,
Close mine eyes; I’m done, and adieu I bade.