What a planet

The seas ache their waves ere dawn
Dismayed by telling sunset few,
Grief is sought but nor lingered gone
Nor are there no coral, not even anew;
No, there is but no garbage round,
The tides will sing, but on moon's behest:
My light hither so drop as rain,
Speech I distill as dew to pass,
No yea small on herb this rain,
Till it be rays I say unto grass;
And say then, aghast fraught at me:
My name is Earth, and I am soiled,
Give not a second mate - let be;
For I have breathed and spoiled,
My words now deaf by ears,
Till mutes around see my tears,
Then jest I dance round the sun,
Then none shall hear me run.


A splash of water was all it took,
The taste of sea on ripe lips,
Whose entrance guarded bitter words,
Then spoken, and breathed, once more.
For in his heart tis freedom all he knew,
In past lives he fought to seek beyond,
The mind itself, so closed again
And then could not see what past he had.
It mattered then, the coke and wine,
And the wanks and chats: buried in soil.
He would hoist his sails now tainted glow,
Nor treat his wood as he would guard a mast,
Now miles away, yet still a light feigns past,
Mused are the ones he thought so gay,
Now cherished in light yet so far apart,
And every night he’d encircle that simple stone,
Cursing every moment this much too fast;
A simple past since is long too gone.
And the waves shall flood his ship,
And the light shall strike the sails,
And the mast shall burn to ash,
The helm detached and lost at sea,
When all his food is rot and waste,
And all his heart is ash with spite
Whilst his mind angers him,
Whence he would anger more.
But the lighthouse still shines,
Each lense shall shoot a thousand stars,
When none can see, that the lighthouse sees.
There, he can see. He knows his way.
There, a torn ship and a wretched sail,
There was still a wretched man afloat.
Then brought back to shore as its guest,
The lighthouse continued its lightward song
Whilst the man continued leaving it all behind.


She didn’t know what brought her
Through yard upon yard she walked,
Distant slopes called all to bear
That echo of all waves they tucked,
That calm and smooth sound forgone,
Not long before a city swept it gone,
Till more was new than weeping song,
In dearest pride she is barely done.
And in the steps she carries weight,
These steps that carry this too far,
In lieu of such glistening hand to fate,
Now begins one reality from old to bar,
But waves continue, no fire perish,
And the sun still shines even unseen,
Beneath which solely stood was she,
Nor could she on sun’s rays lean,
Could scarcely spot a cracked sky,
In the midst of storm, in the breadth of dark,
She seeks the light; Seek the light,
God is the light.


A horse rides in the midst of mind and sand,
Ne gaze neath the hooves from whose rider brew,
A sudden madness, and the drops of rain short.
Give commas and colons an argument present,
A lady in waiting strangled by fate is fought,
Ye give reasons he should not pass you by,
Ne friend, ne breathing not, ne thinking nor
Shall he picture a woman hoisted at sea,
Nor from the east, nor of the west at bay,
From afar he watches tears of grace befallen,
A storm in heart breathes ripples yet slow,
Yet breathing in the water is a lidless word,
And a cracked Earth whose ground it shakes,
I’m breathing water and drinking a harsh cold,
Give me all figs that God had so me concealed,
Let these waves of words wash upon your figure,
Crash that dress in white till salty urchins reap,
Whose Madonna I perverse a niche figure retain,
Do your eyes not give leave your gaze upon a sky
So rich in spoils of hope and colour you lay waste?

Light’s Escape

But light escaping
Nor is she cheating;
Footsteps long before
Ere looked, ere looked for
The shores so distant
Now left are nascent,
Woe more for more allowed,
These waves tremble loud,
Cool thine head so fair,
Hide within thy lair
And never, n’er shine,
Let all dark grow divine.
In spite of this day,
Shall beckon your ray,
Again shall it peer through,
Ere love in dark is through.

The Universe and He

Nor did he not sing from whence he were.
Nor did he climb so high to fall so well.
Nor did he walk through hills and cried.
Nor did he sign his heart to greater foe.
Nor did he look towards the Sun in awe.
Nor did he breathe the evening air so smooth.
Nor did he take himself to still and utter light.
Nor did he not pain himself to greater pleasure.
Nor did he write his purpose etched on heart.
Nor did he seal his bonds to the stars at night.
Nor did he say never shall he try again.



Imagine a train that never stopped,
No signs nearby to tell you where,
The passing of the world was norm,
The hours of long gone dissolved,
All the world in chains soon part,
A nether sight could not be found,
As though spun in inertia as one,
Clasped in the hands orbit of woe,
Nor music, reading and talk dawned,
In the midst of the process of time,
I found myself watching the world by.

Who would fall to water to rise from hence?
And then to feel the cool windows floating,
Then saw the agony of wind come heart divine,
Long last can speed never be slow to tell,
A speech so faint whose mortality dares align,
When stops the breath one small cool fate,
Is what thinks you do is but lack you thought,
Is but echo through a foggy land,
And the sky turn red shall raise thy heart aloud,
And the sun but ere it fall is borne to set,
When minutes become hours, our hours are infinite.

And so it goes on,
As they all walk on.
The rails hind gone cold,
Ere the road grows bold.

Home again

Then the seas sunk down below,
Was land that past slowly brewed,
Thrown beneath the sand was water,
Cast aside was the Sun beneath,
Aside the gest is wind dancing,
In black of night nor heat felt,
The chill that freezes a bone,
Is but heart that gentle glows,
A land so far from him is near,
Will sail forth to all the end,

Craft me a sea

Then sat down the moon yonder,
I’m looking away whilst he writes,
He’s looking at me whilst I sing,
I’m winning the hearts again;
My love is asking for my hand,
He’s asking for the way to write,
He’s loving a way through my ears,
I’m seeking a hand to guide me,
I’m looking away for the way here,
Take me from the moon to the stars,
The stars call me hither, hither;
Inhaling the stars there’s a sign,
There’s a pattern that reads:
Beauty is only the beginning in life;

Having swum afar

Reader, I saw an ocean.
That suddenly I should glisten to leap,
Where slowly I swim slowly and weep,
The passing of my fair state asunder,
A longing way to better night under
Which the waves languish my motion dear,
As that for swimming in love for fear;
Gave deep into the gaze once besought,
A hollow water for hollow man fraught
With token in his heart esteem to follow,