Different Shades of Man – I

Thought he ought be made calculable,
Though more he thought made culpable,
Did bear witness his instincts so cruel in cage,
No less he saw himself his past is writ to page,
For he cannot see past himself the man he ought,
As it was always the animal he better sought,
So leapt from birth with tears of agony and despair,
He could not surmise first his straitjacket to repair;
Donned since birth and so carry to his death,
Not in silk, not in wool; nor blood nor breath,
But it shall be his skin, tis only one to show renew,
And so he makes reason for suffering in shadow’s hue,
To bite the tips of skin from finger and thumb to pass,
If not his art shall then seek needle in skin trespass;
If it is not in ink, then it ought be substance to crave,
So walks in, ready for a mane joked be bought deprave,
Now he’s a new man in black and white: no single lie
For bigger times ahead and then his instincts deny,
So too he comes at large once more he swears divine,
So he makes mask for himself and swears all to wine.

Death and the Maiden

The great God has appointed Death to task, upon His Exercise a mask equipped for spoils that only fear himself. Slowly approaches the depths of the world, Nature cowers, Her chest tightens. All light perished, soon His command given. Treads lightly as all roses with every stem soon buckle and the strength sapped to serve Death’s alack. Brings resole further as he travels round the world where that lady in waiting lay in wait with the last few moments in the longest breaths she can inject into herself. Looks round her, as buried her youngest on her bosom; a cry that descends into weeping, frantic for a man to hear as her husband adjourned all feelings bottled and only blames his God for all. But too does Death know all this and cried for so long in eternity that God had ripped his glands from his eyes lest his tears extinguish those fires of hell and seal the injury that God hath made. Read More

Shifting worlds

At some point a sign turns and so will I,
The drastic moment of truth once evaded
Soon fades and the mind within only stirs,
Whose shallow touches at the corner cower,
Where the shadows once I look deeper gone,
But later I find myself walking alone again,
At that same place at the same time yet,
With only little money and so I travel,
To an unending darkness that swept me,
Thus shrinks and kneels before it,
Forgets the whole world and all,
Closes his eyes; deafened now,
Wishes another world fare,
To take him away there,
And back again.

Darkness for poison

Will you in my finest wine respect the light,
And from whence the colours blind the eyes glow,
Dresses in a distant fade the darkness banished,
That idol called ye God now calls me forth hither,
At token thus kneels and makes greater the foe was,
In the gestured frealty of the virtue once it lost,
Abstains never from what casted world ere fraught,
Step towards the blood from which many a fire escape; Read More

Shadow faux

Sung upon my brow that dainted blood writ,
Felt me this morning that woke me that shine,
This sun that transpires through me that gay glow,
Whose great command did upon me stood for day begin,
Alas! For more the day that time expire for I to night delay,
That soothes me thorough a warmer fire than what cold may,
However, this light is only my great’st enemy that I long lay,
And frail of my own sight could blind me that I confront her, Read More

Cold shadow

Cold air I breathe no longer chills me,
Sought the warmth there my Conscious fly,
Hence from my resolve did briskly walk alight,
Towards the open day conclusions wrought arite,
That the sun pass and the moon erupt luminous,
My shadow shall fade into the darkness, as shall I;
Am whole there, never so while the light upon me is,
Behold, what we travel and endlessly towards nothing, Read More