Their Remembrance

Every night tears would fill her womb,
Her shaking will draw him more to break,
At last was one night so still to miss:
My dear, in this lasting hour my yonder breath,
New thoughts and pleasant sights is little nigh,
Hence better actions and deeds come tide,
These final hours I give lasting words yet reprieve,
Though I action myself in months before to here,
I am but not finished my actions come for here,
Have it time: God declares this night of birth,
Ere the sun rises shall be birth ye humble year,
May pass how slow and fast encumber fates,
Sour now drown is foul so down her heart as late,
No sparks can free her eyes to better year ahead,
Though I cannot afford a glass between you and I, Read More

Wholesome Path

Across the room there were no curtains, not even a door. There were no lights, no windows, no bed nor a chair. Within the room there was the world that produced the world she bears. Who stands before a mirror how numb she is. More the world outside the mirror was still and void; more the world outside the room was so dark and cold. Here before the mirror visions of pain and remorse seeped through the walls that no flower could never grow. A salty sea would wash her away into the essence of that so painful. To and fro the seas descend into the room and traverse her into the most painful – no light to light her past for all to see, only to feel.

This mirror ere bespoke still stands, however long the waves crash, however strong the winds will tear her away. She still lives, still to see her walking through the waves. Every memory passes through each wave and shifts through day and night, not that it would matter where she was; no one would hear her; no one would see her. These memories that come to life with each breath, that with each breath her scars return; however mortal she is, her memories will remain immortal. Read More

Little feather

A field so subtle, so silent a new field,
Who wouldn’t pick and store in their room?
A little further, his heart was running,
Though could only walk so far before he stopped,
Every step was the stick that beats his drum,
A falling leg and so his soul stuck to view,
Sighs and gasps could not tear him apart,
A sound was falling into decay,
This feeling could not last so long,
Sought himself a better place than this,
How long could he stay in the place he sees?
A secret known but could never reveal, Read More

Moving on 

Once was that where I stayed,
A thought for one never a few,
I’m running to where it laid,
Some time ago the place I knew
Somehow brought itself to end,
And the birds were flying through,
And I my past sought to pretend
To the shores of hope I threw,
For the gates of life never drew,
The sigh of a struggle long gone, Read More

Fibonacci being

We’re walking from not far our place,
Suddenly and stopped to wall we find,
There to stare for seconds as few as us,
To part hands, we’ll depart for now;
I’ll go this way, and you the other,
We’ll draw a path that will lead us here,
We will look yonder to the path ahead,
Now I see the road that once unclear,
How soon it became clear to me to walk;
While my dearest friend, now she walks,
Slowly and begun to slowly stumble here,
Walks now, so casual; slowly, she’s there, Read More

Without my past there would be no present me;
Without me present there would be no future mine.

An hour

I have an hour,
Tis purely an hour,
I shall pass through,
But never yearning;
As the night barks,
And the moon invites,
Breathes air silky,
Just as I pass,
I see it in there
All the hours spent
In trying to be.