Skating on the Moon

Somehow in one way or another they landed,
Was but no question to ask lest they banded,
A soothing sound there was none on Earth,
Not even in during the first hour of birth,
A smell of roses that covered them both,
Drop of water through the planes is love,
The circumference of the two was nigh,
The area divided between the two was pi,
This figure so dark, so silent yearned to dance,
I will dance with her; I will reveal my stance,
There’s a slide that gives me leave to destroy,
She evades and seeks my resolve as a boy, Read More

There’s this girl

Who watered my heart with hers,
She’s living again as much endears,
Along the coast there’s a girl;
Once she’s parallel with the sun,
Then I’m hers with one word to say.
Give me reason to say no to her,
I shall give myself reason to go,
Another word; all the words I give,
I’m reaching for her hand again,
So long she may take me away,
We’ll rewrite the story of love,
A translation only cupid to read,
Silence my right hand from hurt,
Now I’m washing with the waves,
She’s there stood amidst the light,
A setting sun that hovered ahead,
Then at one point, time stood still.

Beneath the charity

And so in light did long to give,
But did not for what else to give,
Slowly sees himself in wonder,
Did not ever thought to wander,
His item the famed worthy great,
Looks left and right is not a fate,
Breathes again a shallow sigh,
Parts from him is that so nigh,
The less of the others a thought,
Is he afforded for that he bought,
Tears that stained the clothes so damp,
Knows it is he himself to revamp. Read More